Advanced Privacy turn on and off

allways I have problems with different apps like Deezer, K9-Mail,… when Advanced Privacy is “on”.
It can not take Data from web. If I turn Advanced Privacy "off " for just one moment and turn it on again, than it works. But it seems, Advanced Privacy is than not really in the “on-modus” !?
It also doesn’t appear as “VPN on” in the menu…

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Advanced privacy tracker blocker isn’t a vpn, using hide ip address that uses the tor network is. If not using the tor network then I think your problem may lay elsewhere. If you can’t track it down, clean flash or wipe data partition/factory reset and only install those apps to check them. k-9 mail doesn’t have trackers to block.

I am not sure about Deezer and Advanced Privacy (AP). Before AP existed I used TrackerControl and still do so with AP together.

In case of Deezer I had to allow some ‘trackers’ else it wouldn’t work. Can you maybe write or show which trackers are shown for Deezer in your AP?

Yes, I know that AP is not a VPN! But the question is AP is still working properly if I turn it off and on again?
It seems that it is not only a problem with trackers, because I have Problems with loading new eMails in K-9-Mail…

I can not find a good and detailed manual for AP… How to use it correctly…
So I’m thinking about to use a real VPN, such like “Mullvad VPN”
Anny experience?

Bit confused with your question, AP has 3 options. Tracking blocker, hide ip(vpn) and mock location. The AP vpn is a fork of orbot. I use it sometimes but it is slow and some servers may block it. I had been using Proton for some years but now using Riseup too. I haven’t tried Mullvad but seems good from what I know, haven’t read anything bad about it.
AP tracker blocker is straight forward. Turn it off and it will allow trackers, turn it on it will block trackers. It uses
I think the AP tracking blocker is a fork of personalDNSfilter.

While testing AP I had issues with some app’s using the ‘hide my ip’ option or maybe it was the location :thinking:. I think it was aven App Lounge :sweat_smile:

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Yes, I know this manual but for example, it doesn’t explain how to set a “white list”

If, for example, K-9 doesn’t use trackers, why I can not load new incoming Mails while AP is active? Is it because of “hide my ip”?

Yes more than likely, your email server is blocking tor relays.

after blocked users connecting over TOR, a warning text was implemented when enabling hide-my-ip -

There’s no option to selectively route traffic differently for your Email client than for the whole system, so you can’t enable the option while trying to sync with your email provider (gmx / btw?)