Advanced Privacy?

What is this cool new feature in R?
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Is this /e/'s “new privacy central”?, it seams to work pretty good, blocks trackers and i can still use a vpn. :hugs: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Is this in the update rolling out now?

No, for now this feature is present only in dev builds.


Well it’s not on 0.23-r 20220405 Dev on xz2c, nor is it mentioned in release notes.

Where should it be found? In the Settings app?

From here? PrivacyCentral · main · e / os / android_prebuilts_prebuiltapks_lfs · GitLab

yes, it’s an additional entry in Settings.

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How do we proceed to install this app ? Just like a normal app or is it some tricky action to do ? :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you !

I was hoping for an official reaction, @Manoj ?

Privacy central has not been released as yet and development is still in progress. Can share more details once we have something to announce.
Pl note Privacy Central code base will be Open source and accessible to all users.
On which device and build type are you seeing this in settings.

Update from the dev team: Advanced Privacy sources will be released as GPL v3 once the module is integrated into /e/OS


FP3-R Unofficial, But this is the to be released privacy central? Congratulations, this is the feature i’ve been waiting for! Thx /e/-team

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This is a video where the /e/ foundation founder talks about the things in the app towards the end of the video. If anyone wanted a little more info. It doesn’t go into great detail tho.

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