Advanced search in murena webmail

Hi, I am on Murena webmail interface.

I would like to search all message with attachment heavier than 10Mo in my inbox. What do I have to write in the search bar?


you’re out of luck - rainloop, the webmail client inside murenacloud hasn’t got that feature. It was asked for in that thread though:

As rainloop development was put to a minimum since a few years, it’s actively developed fork “Snappymail” has those search features implemented and exposed and by default shows email size and let’s you sort descending by size.

Maybe make a vote for Snappymail at murena cloud support. It’s not yet listed as feature-request with /e/ gitlab backlog.

Edit: gleaning from this comment I think it’s going to be SM soon. There’s lots of nextcloud integration work taking place at Snappymail atm

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