Advices to backup / recover system

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My first post here! I moved from LineageOS to /e/OS recently, on a FP3+, the R 1.2 version, which is in the “dev” branch (= “beta”?).
I am encountering puzzling problems some days after my first update and I would like some feedback for the safest pathway when updating.

I am used to TWRP, which allowed me to fully backup the system before updating and reinstall it in case of problem. Now I have the /e/recovery, which is much scarcer in its functionalities. If I guess well, it is needed to update easily right? But I cannot roll back in case of problem. Does anybody use the TWRP recovery with /e/OS? What do you advise me to stay safe during update.

The problems I encountered is not really the point here, but I can describe it: 2 days ago, the phone was crashing (going off) right after finishing the boot, I could not use it during two days. But today, without manipulating it at all, it boots fine again. Furthermore, when I check for new updates, sometimes it offer me to install 1.3, sometime it says up to date.

These erratic behaviours make me consider reinstalling the OS on the stable branch of the Q version. Last question: will it be easy to jump on the stable branch when it will be available for the R version?

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No. /e/OS OTA updates on the Fairphone 3/3+ don’t need the recovery at all, because they make use of the A/B device partition layout. Updates get installed in the background on the unused OS slot while you still use the device with the active OS slot, then the necessary reboot just switches the OS slot to the updated OS and has no further work to do than just boot. User data is shared and stays the same.

If you leave the bootloader unlocked, you can boot TWRP with fastboot when you need it. Of course an unlocked bootloader has security implications which need to be considered, but it sure is tempting … Backups, bootloader, root - #5 by AnotherElk.

With an unlocked bootloader, you could even just switch the OS slot with fastboot and boot the older OS version from before the update, but Android rollback protection would demand a factory reset to boot successfully if the older OS version had an older security patch level than the new version, which usually is the case with updates.

You can install TWRP (by embedding it in the boot partition with a script, see, but /e/OS updates will restore the original boot partition with the /e/OS recovery, unless you take advanced measures in connection with rooting the phone.

With a locked bootloader you need alternative means for backups.

That sounds like an issue with the initial 1.3-r update on the Fairphone 3/3+ …

… which probably got revoked while developers would check this serious issue, so probably was offered for a while and then was not offered anymore.

Switching the release channel (aka build type) is always a new install.

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