Advised Backup soft?

Also seems possible to replace the last three apps with all-in-one solution named Super Backup Pro from Goolag Store. It’s not open-source, but this paid version contain no third-party trackers, and it has been maintained by developer for almost decade.

Don’t know if anyone reads this, but an alternative to SMS Gate has just appeared in F-Droid. It’s called Epistolaire.

Alas, Epistolaire backups cannot be restored, according to its description.

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The most promising solution to the backup problem seems to be SeedVault but it would have to be build into /e/ and can’t be installed as an app.


Do you know if it can backup automatically? If so, it would be great to send your link to all major ROM developers - maybe some of them integrate SeedVault by default.

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Would be good to have a good backup solution for /e/ users as well…had created a topic for this here

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Oh, and by the way, SMS Backup+ is still alive and provides up-to-date BETA release, if anyone doubted it.

I thought it was about migration, not about backup.

Updated the topic to include Backup…

I didn’t try it but calyxOS seems to have it integrated and ticked the box “Automatic regular background backups without user interaction”.

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Say, for those that use or want to use oandbackup but are kind of put off because it only backs up to internal storage, that might not be entirely true. See my post on github and see if backing up to external storage works for you. It does for me.

Let’s actually make it happen!
IMHO it makes perfect sense as a privacy feature to be integrated into /e/.
Just see how awesome it looks: (disabled link, because of silly new user restriction of Discourse)

So I’ve opened an issue about this:

(You can at least upvote it to show your support for that.)


Another addition, in case not noticed. Oandbackup has a fork called OAndBackupX which aims to address the shortcomings of the original. New UI, better compatibility with modern Android, etc.
It’s also available via F-Droid if you have the IzzyOnDroid repo added.


Does anyone know what the “application settings” synchronization category of the /e/ account stands for? Does it actually synchronize application data to the /e/ cloud, and how can it be restored?

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For now apps data aren’t sync so it’s something else.

Thanks @marcdw for the tip about this new version of Oandbackup which I downloaded from F-Droid and installed to try it out. The interface is not the easiest to understand, but I finally saw how to do a complete backup of system and personal apks without data and with over a hundred files to backup it completed the job in 18 minutes which quite surprised me compared to the complication of Titanium Backup. So now I’ll downlaod the whole folder called OABX by default and save it by adb to my computer. Very useful tool!

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I need some clarification,

Is seedvault going to be part of /e/? When will this happen? I saw somwhere a tag on git with 0.13 but this dosn’t tel me when this will be.

Can I already use seedvault even if it is not in fdroid?

I do have my selfhosted nc 19.0.4 server. Is it possible to backup my whole phone with seedvault on my nc server?

There are very few informations about seedvault for normal users like me. That why I ask here.

I do have an aplication on my phone wich says that ifmy phone is in root it will not work. So OandBackup is no option for me.

I’m a bit worried about loosing my phone because I don’t have a good solution for restoring my datas yet.

I’ve tried out seedvault with LineageOS and have a bit of experience with it.

First of all it’s meant to be a system app so that it doesn’t require to root the phone. That way, you can’t just install seedvault as an app, it needs to come with the OS. Which has the consequence that few people have experience with it/little information is available, as to my knowledge only Graphene OS and Calyx OS have it at the moment (for /e/ it’s in beta testing IIRC; for Lineage I had to build the ROM myself to integrate seedvault).

And to my knowledge it will not be possible to backup “everything”. App developers can specify if their app (data? not sure) can be backed up. When I tried it out some of the apps couldn’t be backed up indeed (sorry, don’t remember which).
But on the other hand, the homescreen was preserved and also several settings I checked (like volume/brightness level etc.)

My conclusion is: it’s as good as it gets for a “normal” user (i.e. when root or TWRP backup are not an option). Even if it’s not perfect.

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Maybe this helps: Backups, bootloader, root

These days I found that Seedvault now included in the official LineageOS for MicroG builds! Looks like we finally got a self-hosted alternative to the Goolag’s backup solution.


It looks promising, indeed ! :slight_smile:
Some readings :

However, it has to be complied with the OS (10/Q only), some detail here :