Advised source for APK installation


although the number of applications available is impressive, there are some apps I didn’t find in Apps. One example is the application Hello Expense that I found on Aptoide, but I’ve read on the forum Aptoide should be avoided. Is there an alternate APK source that is advised?

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There’s F-Droid, which carries only free and opensource apps (which is a good thing). Some applications can be found there or at least alternatives for them (New Pipe for Youtube for example).

Then there’s Aurora Store, which is an opensource Front-End for the Google Playstore. Here you’ll find all Apps that you’d find on a common Androids Google Playstore.

F-Droid and Aurora Store can be installed via the preinstalled /e/ App Store.

If you have further question try the forum search, you’ll find a lot of reading materials there if you search for either of the apps. There’s also a thread about alternatives for apps if I remember correctly.

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I would like to install an own apk file without Google Play Store signature. I mean I have the apk also signed in Google Play Store; but on my degoogled phone, I would like to install the app before it was signed. Help would be highly appreciated.