Aegis Authenticator backups to Cloud

I have just started using Aegis Authenticator, I see a setting to allow the app to backup the vault to ‘Android Cloud’ - I presume this is any Cloud Service - not just a Google provided service, could it be sent to my murena cloud account ?? or am I barking up the wrong tree and misunderstand this feature.

As an aside - and in the interim, I understand Aegis encrypts its backups, so that could simply be copied off the phone and stored somewhere, without concern.

I usually transfer files by Bluetooth to my laptop, but I cannot see the ‘Bluetooth’ option when I go to share the JSON file, I can email it, or even whatsapp it… Curios, I have checked Bluetooth can send images to my laptopn just prior, but why not the JSON. ?

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“Android Cloud” here describes allowing the backup system of Android to pick up files at all - not a lucky name - it can be used by any backup App and with the help of Seedvault be written to non-cloudy things like SD cards (author even mentioned it). The commit describes it well, but I’ll quote the setting descriptions for non users:

The JSON share behaviour of yours is mentioned here, but heads clashed so that didn’t go anywhere

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Thanks, so this ability to automatically export the JSON Vault to the cloud has been added to the Aegis App.

Presume it works via ‘Androids Cloud Backup system’, which if I am correct can perform backups to any cloud service of your choice, when used with a ‘backup app’.

Does e/OS come with a backup app installed ?, how does it backup currently to my Murena account

If not are there any guides on how to acheive this ? and Where do I find the details to login to the Murena server for the Murena cloud.

Does e/OS come with a backup app installed ?

it does, but it’s hidden (in some versions?) last I checked - and outdated. It should be slated for a comeback sometime this year according to the roadmap though. For Aegis specifically, the outdated version will do its job still once you activate vault encryption, this is what allowBackup=true is about. If you’ve setup the full nextcloud client you can have remote backups of Aegis.