Afraid my g4 turned to a brick

Hi guys,
First of all, I hope I am posting on the right category, if not please apologise.
So I am using e on my g4 for a month now and I love it! I bought the phone reconditionned and installed it and everything was fine until last saturday when I plugged a jack (yes a jack!) which was part of an amp and the phone stopped working… since then, I can only see the e logo charging and then it’s shutting down. I’ve let the battery emptied itself, nothing. I still have access to the recovery on fastboot so I tried to wipe it download it again, everything seemed to work during the process but nothing changed afterall…Any help? Pleaaaaaaase!
Thank you in advance guys :blush: Have a good day!

This sounds weird. Could you try installing a lineageOS version, only for testing if something wrong with e-OS or with hardware ?

Sounds a good idea, let’s see… I’ll let you know!