After 4 days my order still is "processing"

Hi I am feeling irritated about the fact, that my order at the esolutions shop still shows “processing” after 4 days and when I send a support email I don´t get an acknowledgement email. Is the normal and to be expected?

Please help me to regain trust again.


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No that is not normal.
Was the mail sent on the support ID


Thanks Manoj, for your reply

No. I send it to yesterday. The order is from 15th of May and has number #48202

Pl send the details to

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Thanks Manoj,

I have sent it there and hope on a swift response.

I have forwarded it to the team that handles support for the phones ordered from the store.

Thanks Manoj,
unfortunately the order ist still processing after 6 days and I stil have to hear back from support.

Also that I don´t get a confirmation emal after I submit a message to support does not create trust and confidence.
For a shop where I spend over 470 Euros I expect a functioning support system.
I am seriously considering to canccel the order.

What a pity. I will wait for one more day and then see what my options are. Thanks, Demian

Give the team a day. They are shifting to a new ticketing system and assume there are mails slipping though it. I just pinged the team and shared this thread details.

In the meantime I have second thoughts about the blue light filter. If it will distort the color of images that I want to view on my phone I would like to change that to the normal screen protector glas GS290.

I post this here hoping that ti will reach faster then emailing support.
Thanks, Demian

The mail is available on Support as well. Let me know in case there is no response in a day.

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