After first update Aurora Store and F-Droid installed with NanoDroid are gone

I am coming from LineageOS for microG and had the patched Play Store and F-Droid installed with NanoDroid. Flashing NanoDroid creates backup and restore scripts that restore the setup after a system update.

Now I am testing /e/ and flashed Aurora Store (instead of Play Store) and F-Droid. After the first OS update I saw that the backup and restore scripts did not run. So the stores are gone after the update.
Did /e/ change the update script for TWRP so that other scripts cannot run? Or is this an issue of the NanoDroid setup?

Oh no, lease not. NEVER install any goolag sh…t on eOS. That’s like putting alcohol in an alcohol free beer.
If you what have privacy than use eOS without any goolag apps. If yiu want use goolag apps, that stay at Lineage.

I’m using eOS since a long time. I have installed f-droid via webbrowser and Aurora via f-droid. I have updated my eOS 100times and the store where allways there.

I don’t know for ewhat you are using that Nandroid backup script. After a update of eOS all all is still available. so no restore needed

As far as I know the /e/ OS Build Team does not change one bit of the WinTeam TWRP Recovery provided by Team Win LLC.The issue is more likely to be in NanoDroid.

Which version of WinTeam TWRP Recovery for which /e/ devices is installed on your /e/ phone?

I am testing /e/ on my spare phone Samsung Galaxy S3 (GT-I9300). TWRP is
I tried another flash and it ended with an error. The stores are not completely installed and the addon.d script is not there. To me it looks like /e/ and NanoDroid are not compatible. I will ask the developer whether there is any experience with /e/.
I use some bought apps that use license verification. Unfortunately Aurora Store can not do that so the apps don’t work as expected.

I understand your dedicated statement.
I use a few bought apps, some of them use license verification.
My question was not about Nandroid backup but about the addon.d scripts of NanoDroid.

As I have written, why using eOS when using goolag apps. stay on LOS so you can use all the goolag apps.

And by he way addon.d is availalable and working fine. I think Nanodroid will not working, because it has to much goolag sh…t

This is certainly not true for all /e/ phones! I myself use F-Droid Store as a system-app via Nanodroid and TWRP installed on e-0.7-nougat and e-0.7-pie /e/ OS devices.

The GT-I9300 is often treated as a problem case here in the forum. Who knows if it isn’t simply related to the device system architecture. After all, the GT-I9300 was released in 2012 …

Are you also using playstore via NanoDROID ?

I don’t understand your question. I wrote:

Because I think the issue for bege is not NanoDroid itself, it’s the try to install playstore. That’s why I’m asking you about playstore instals

I’m a firm opponent of all G°°devil services and act according to the /e/ philosophy. Therefore the G°°-Play-Store is taboo …

that’s what I thought. So if BeGe will install NanoDroid WITHOUT playstore it will work fine for him. That’s what I think

NanoDroid is a installer for various OpenSource related things, most noticably microG and F-Droid. Furthermore it allows the user to do fine-graded installations using configuration files, which allow to choose what to install, or if several alternatives are available, which of them.

It contains also a modified Play Store which allows (in-)app-purchases with microG, which would normally not be possible. It also “tries to remove” all previously installed GApps on it’s own.

I find Nanolx NanoDroid (C. Bratusek, Nürnberg, Germany) a good application. But I’m not happy about the application NanoDroid-G°°gle. On the other hand: everyone has to decide for himself what he does.

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I know that all. :wink:

My statement wasn’t meant for an individual person, but is intended for the general public. Anyone who knows Nanolx NanoDroid will appreciate it. Others learn to appreciate even it perhaps.

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That’s what you think. That’s what does not work That’s why I asked.

On one hand I’m happy that it isn’t working, because so he clean eOS is not contaminated with goolag stuff and on the other, I wish you good luck with the issue creation

EDIT: And I have written on dozends of posts: Don’t try wast time trying goolag stuffgetting working on eOS. Use the time to leave goolag complete

Late to the party…

@bege, your logs show 539MB free in your /system partition which seems like more than enough space for Aurora Store and F-Droid. Yet it seems to run out of space just after installing the Privileged Extension. Installation doesn’t complete. Things go screwy starting with this…

dev/tmp/framework-res/resources.arsc: write error (disk full?). Continue? (y/n/^C) warning: /dev/tmp/framework-res/resources.arsc is probably truncated

Don’t know if you’re out of /system or tmp space. Error at the end of the log doesn’t specify. Problems with unnpacking and packing of framework-res can result in disk full type of errors not unlike when dealing with bad archives.
Been away from XDA for awhile. Have you posted in the NanoDroid thread? Setialpha no doubt can clear up what’s really going on.

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Thank you for the post.
I posted both to the NanoDroid thread in XDA and an issue at NanoDroid website. The solution for now I got on F-Droid forum.
I installed F-Droid APK and then privileged extension with ZIP file via TWRP, Aurora Store from F-Droid. So Aurora Store is installed as normal app and will not be overwritten by an update, with F-Droid privileged extension comes an addon.d script that restores F-Droid after an OS update.

To get the apps installed that I previously bought at Play Store and that don’t work with Aurora Store because they need special license verification, I installed the patched Play Store from shadow53. That doesn’t throw an error when installing via TWRP. It is an old version but can be updated from NanoDroid repository added to F-Droid. After installing the bought apps I froze the Play Store and don’t need it any more. All apps work.

(Yes, the phone is not completely ungoogled with this workaround. I am testing /e/OS to see whether I can recommend it to friends. That apps with license verification need the Play Store is a big hindrance to make /e/ usable for everybody. That is not the fault of /e/ but of the European institutions that allow this monopoly of Google for paid Android apps. But that’s a separate topic.
BTW, most apps don’t need internet connection to work. For those I blocked internet access.)

Cool. No need to sound apologetic regarding Play Store. Used on several of my microG-based ROMs. Simply put, I paid good money over the years for items I still (want to) make use of. Mostly SubS themes and icon packs, a few apps also. Weening my way off though.

I still make regular use of shadow53’s zips. Some I’ve modified for an A/B device. The hacker and security zips I flash with most ROMs.

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