After Updating nothing works.... help

Hi i have update my Os over sythemupdate and now have 1.0 20220526188859 so now i will open magic earth or appstore and nothing happens, only a massage : "always closed "and i can set app information or app close… what is happend?

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Advanced privacy was introduced; maybe switched on by default on your device … ?

Perhaps you do not want Advanced privacy? …

If so; switch it off, Power down, rather than just restart. Power on …

Then do

Settings > Apps and Notifications > Show all > 3 dot menu, top right, Show system > Advanced privacy > Delete storage/cache

For good measure, Power down again.

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hi i dont aktivate advanced privacy , have delete storage but nochting works… what can i do next?

You do not say what device you use, some devices you may read here in the forum are more affected. FP3 received an update, reported to help a lot.

Next you should try to keep the load on the device low while you triage which app(s) are misbehaving.

Be prepared to Power down during these tests, this might help the “issue” accumulating in the device.

Progressively try to simply Clear cache of an app that is troublesome. Check first the launcher – does either Bliss or Trebuchet give an issue?

Use the same area of Settings described above, Clear cache just clears transient data harmlessly; Clear storage/data clears your saved settings within the app.

i use galaxy s7 now i have update the os but nothing happens. First all was good …