AGM X3 or 16 BV9600 phones

Hi there! The last few weeks I’ve been reading up on /e/ and it appears to be exactly what I’m looking for. My goal for this year is to get decoupled from Google without reverting to candy-bar phones and mail-by-pigeons. So, a privacy focused Android distribution loaded on my phone with a personal servers appears to be the way to go. However, my personal policy is to only buy rugged phones, since I don’t want to worry about trashing them and like the sustainability inherent to ruggedness.

So I was wondering, why not create an image for a phone that I would want to use?

I can understand that I do not want a phone with special features like face unlock, pop-up camera’s or other proprietary features that require specific support. But I would assume that generic chipsets (Snapdragon, Exynos) and features (NFC, fingerprint reader, bluetooth) are relatively easy to support.

Phone that I’ve been looking at:

What do you guys think? Could I roll my own image for a rugged phone? And what should I be on the look-out for? Basically, where do I start?

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But unfortunately those are not too cheap…

Ok, but does that matter? There are S9s in the line-up and LineageOS also support low-high range devices.

In my understanding, price shouldn’t matter for the process as I would like a semi-indestructable phone that provides me with increased ownership of my data and improved privacy while using my device.

But maybe the better question is: if I want to build my own /e/-build for a specific device, where to start and which properties make a device more or less suited for compatibility with /e/?

Really no, but I think there are a lot of high and mid priced phones already supported by /e/, that’s all…Well, Im’ thinking about my not so old ( not so expensive) Bv700 pro😉 too, I’ve got it abandoned, and still works.But the really roblem I see is that there is no rugged phones supported by LineageOS or TWRP, that is the sad true.

Ah I understand :slight_smile: but yeah, unfortunately rugged phones seem to be a niche market, and so is deploying custom ROMs. Two niches make for very scarce demand I guess.

Luckily, open source provides opportunities to fix this for ourselves. Hopefully someone can help us on our way…

I hope it so…Thanks for start trying,!

No official LineageOS support for any of those devices