AirDrop for android?

Airdrop is one of the best feature appel has.

Is there something similar for eOS?

How do you transfer highres data to an other computer or phone? I do use airdrop a lot because it is very hand and you don’t have any quality los.

I’ve seen airdroid in aurora but it has a lot of trackers.

File transfer? Via usb wire or edrive or sd card

Or bluetooth (but it can be slow).

So there is no alternative to airdrop that work like airdrop? Thats bad news for me…
I don’t want to connect with cable and would like to have a fast BT connection.

Are you on windows? Than have a

By the way, there are some file explorer which are able to transfer files via wifi/smb.

For example,
Has SMB capabilities, as well as FTP and HTTP server on phone (

Can you name this apps? BTW I’m on mac.

Mixplorer looks good but it’s not what I’m looking for at the moment. But it look very good.

The best I know was es-file explorer. But it has adds. Or But it has also a tracker. But you can block it via TrackerControl.

How about Syncthing? It keeps directories synchronized in multiple devices, and works both over Wi-fi or regular internet. You can set directories on read-only or send-only modes to suit your needs. It work for Mac as well.

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Fast Share, I think this is what I’m looking for. Is it already available? Will it be on eos?

Material Files can also share folders with an ftp server
That’s what i m using at home with wifi to get photos / music etc from / to the phone
It should work with all OS on the computer side

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Look at TrebleShot and NitroShare. Both are FOSS and available in F-Droid.

Or FTP Server — the best app of its kind I’ve been testing so far.

The way i transfer files from pc to phone is with riot messenger, i made an account for windows desktop and send it to the riot app on phone, + works from phone to pc.( you can delete the content from riot after its been transfered)
Anotherway I like is a program called Onionshare for very large files which is for linux, mac, windows if u want to transfer to your phone or send to anyone else, it turns your pc into a file server without having to upload anything, drag and drop the file, and it generates a tor link for tor browser as a download.

perhaps these are a bit cumbersome methods but works for me.