Alarm repetition does not work anymore with 0.19-20211027142976 on Android 9

Hi there,

it’s all in the title : alarm repetition was working in the previous version (I do not have the number at hand but I use the dev distribution channel and I was up to date), but does not anymore.

I have tried to install Simple Clock from F-Droid and the same bug is still present. With Aurora Store installed in the opposite, the repetition works like a charm… frustrating.

Has someone made the same observation? If so, I can file a bug on gitlab but I don’t know exactly where (the clock app is not a gitlab project for now).

Any help welcome,

To my knowledge all issues should be reported in the Backlog.

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Thanks @Ingo_FP_Angel, done : Alarm repetition does not work anymore (#4168) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab