Alias in is it possible to change the default name?

I know I can hide my true email address, giving the alias.
That’s fine but. … Is it possble to change it to something easier to remember and to communicate, say, vocally ?

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In former newletter it was says this:

Hide my email
What is “Hide my email” feature? “Hide My Email” is a mail alias used to receive mails without disclosing your real email address. Briefly speaking, it is a random address added to a user.

As it is an alias, all mails sent to this mail alias will get into the mailbox of a user.

The address can be found in this page of Murena Cloud settings.

Currently, there is one alias available, but in the future we plan to get more and users will be able to manage their aliases (to delete and renew them).


Does anybody know if there is a time frame for this? (is it on the road map, or it’s a "future feature’ that might take years to be implemented?)

Maybe @Manoj have some info about this question?

By the way, will a roadmap for 2023 be published as it was for 2022?

Some guides that could be helpful

Hide my email

Setting up email filters

Using the new murena ID


Response from the infra team: is already deprecated, as there are no new accounts created with it. Users with such a Murena ID can also send and receive as

Full migration of all Murena IDs will be a lengthy process if ever done, as we need to change calendar and address book URLs in /e/OS devices, and not everyone updates to new versions.
Not planned as yet. We will share details of ETAs once it is planned.

Yes, there will be a roadmap for 2023 which we will share soon. As you are aware, in software development there will always be a plan of what a team will aim to achieve in a particular year or a particular duration of time. That way we have some goals defined and targets set.

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Many thanks Manoj for this additional information. Can’t wait to see the 2023 roadmap :slight_smile: