All apps get mixedup randomly

Since four days, all my app get totaly mixed up on my phone. This mean that the app are spread over five or six screens.
I can’t reproduece it by myself but it happen when a app (different one not only one specifi) are closed.

This is extremly enoying!!

I don’t understand why now. I used version 0.22 for the last six month and no problem with this issue. Suddenly all apps mixed and spread.
Yesterday, after the third time it happend I updated to version 0.23. But it happened again this miorning.

So i don’t know why.

What can I do for stopping this problem?
Anyone similar problem?

I will try to post the logs asap.


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Same problem since update 1.0 on GS290. Have rearranged apps 2 times, but it keeps to return to alphabetic order randomly after an app is closed. Tried to clear cash and data in BlissLauncher, does not help.
Please do something, it’s really annoying !

It happens every day.
And may apps are not in alphabetic order, just random. It happens by closing an app with a swipe frome the bottome of the screen. The app take longer than usual to close. And then it happen that all apps are mixedup. Why?

I’ve had /e/os for just over 1 week and it has happened to me today for the first time. All of my apps are out of order and apps that were in folders are no longer in their folders. Extremely frustrating. Anyone know if there is a way to restore the phone to how it was, or do I need to do it all manually?

It is really a feature of the launcher Bliss.

If you just let the icons go where they fall and never move them you will have no problems.

If that doesn’t suit just install another launcher. I have been happy with Lawnchair2 or search for one that suits.

Be aware of Settings > Apps and notifications > Default apps. There you find Home screen. Once you have more than one launcher they will all appear here and you can select your test launcher or return to Bliss.


Thanks for your input! I will definitly try an other launcher.

But back to the problem. As I said, I used the version v0.22 for the last six month without any problem. I did not install any new apps. But my apps are always uptodate. So I do assume that one or more apps are causing the bliss to crash.
I do have a feeling that could happen with the same app. I wait a couple of more crashes before telling what app I suppot is causing those crashes.

Maybe someone has the same feeling because of the crashing.

All of my apps are in thematic folders. Maybe that’s a way to alleviate this? The only issue I had was that after some app updates, the updated apps can somehow get out of their folder, but it’s easy to drag them back to where they were.
The folders’ order never seems to change, and seems to stick to the initially chosen order.

Zhis issue still persist. Why did it start suddenly after month eithpu any problems?

Ich tried a couple of other launcher, but to be honest they are all useless. Bliss is by fare the best launcher.

What can be done to stop bliss crashing?

Almost every our it happens thatvthe app get mixed up.
I only put the 4 most important app in the dock. The othe apps i don’t touch anymore. But it still mixed it up.

Please fixe the bliss launcher. Please.

Still happening a lot. I have the feeling that since I updated the proton mail app, since then it crash the bliss launcher.
I will write to proton if they know this issue.
Has anyone else this feeling too?

Is there a way to know it better than via a feeling? Logs?

I can reproduce the crash.
By changing or closing protonmail app by swiping up, the bliss launcher crash one out of three time.

It started whene the app got a news update. They are informed.

Maybe it happens with other apps as well, I don’t want to blame proton. But in my case it is because of it.

Unfortunaly I can not post the screenrec here.
But look at this link for the video…

The problem persists after 1 year: using ProtonMail application causes Bliss Launcher to re-arrange all applications in alphabetical order. I hope for a resolution with each eOS update, but in vain.

I’ve contacted Proton team last year, they tried to look at the problem but alas, they finally renounced. Said that they do not guarantee the functionality of their applications on degoogled phones. Pity.

Hi Sad to hear Proton doesn’t support Custom ROM’s. I have been using Protonmail since years with /e/ but I don’t use the Bliss Launcher. Is it an option to change your Launcher?

Indeed, I’ve changed for Discreet Launcher 1 month ago. Works well for me so far.