Bliss launcher automatically reorganize icons

For the third time, bliss is reorganizing my icons, losing the icons located at the bottom of the screen and putting all icons into 2 pages. Here is the third page, empty.

it is the first time since the 0.1X release.
Is there a solution to avoid this ?


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I also experiece this maybe onca a month.
Seems to be an annoying but hard to track down error that has to be fixed yet.

And another. It’s one a week I have to reorganize icons.
Grrrr !!! :angry:

Bliss really does not lend itself to reorganisers!

It likes its icons where it puts them, :frowning_face:

In another post I suggested

I really like bliss for its simple beauty. So i stay confident that the e developers eventually will solve this problem

The bliss launcher has been broken for quite some time. You can check out this issue here,

As far as I can tell, the /e/OS team has zero interest in fixing this catastrophic bug to their flagship launcher.

This bug seems not to be reproducible at will and so can be really hard to track down.
I still like Bliss very much and am willing to sit it out.
… I really cant imagine there is no interest in fixing it by the E-Team.

/e/OS devs, please fix this issue, it happened to me three times.
This time I put a SIM card in the phone and everything was mixed up. No more app folders, a complete mess.

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same for me. Removed and reinserted the SIM card, then all icons were placed in alphabetical order.

This happened to me several times. I used to waste lots of time rearranging all my icons, now I just rearrange the main ones on page 1 and hope it will be fixed one day.

Same here. I am on 1.7. It started yesterday. It arranges itself in alphabetical order. After manually rearranging* it happened again this morning, Really annoying.
The temporary solution suggested on this forum does not work, (clearing Bliss cache and storage)

*Rearranging icons manually is a pain as well because when dragging the scrolling between windows is far too aggressive.

Strange, i never had this issue again since my post above.

same thing with the 1.7 !
Cannot have a folder with a lot of links more than 7 days. After this time, all is reorganized.
And always this empty bar at the bottom. :angry:

I would say it’s wrong. You can have a look at Apps organization bug / Bliss crash (#6042) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab where they are doing tests and they are working on…

This bug happened to me yesterday … I would say for the first time since I’ve been on e-OS (nov. 2019) … but not 100% sure … may be 1 other time a long long time ago.
S9+ SM-G965F - e-OS 1.8.1-20230207257879-star2lte (Q dev)

No reorganization during the 1.9 e/os/ version experience.
The 1.10 version also kept the configuration. Perhaps the problem has been corrected?

May well be solved. Bliss works rock stable since July 22 for me.

Same problem here. Fairphone 3+ /e/OS 1.10-s-20230412…
Launcher reorganize icons after a couple of days even if I put them into a folder.