All the shortcuts disappeared from th emain screen

i’m using one of the pre-installed Samsung S7. I’m quite satisfied. But sooner in the day allmost all the shortcuts disappeared from main screen, even phone, mail, browser and SMS. My thumb was somewhere at the bottom of the screen, near the 3 “buttons”
Maybe it’s something to do with the “shelter” apps, since what’s left are apps installed under “shelter”, but i’m not quite sure. Maybe i’m like a Cat walking on a keyboard, discovering keyboard shortcuts you didn’t even know about, or maybe it’s something else.
Anyway, i’ll welcome any help…

I dont know enough to help as im new to all this, however if u bought pre-installed im sure if u contact /e/ support directly via e-mail they may be able to help

@harvey186 any idea why this is happening? Has this anything to do with Shelter

That’s a shelter issue. Remove shelter and all icons are back. The bliss launcher shows only the shelter work profile icons.
It’s a known issue and should be solved with nrxt release.

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Thanks. Problem is how to remove it. The parameter icon disappeared too.

you have first to remove the work profile under accounts. than you have to uninstall shelter. After reboot everything should be fine
here a full howto


It worked. Thanks for your help.

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In the last two weeks it has also happened to me 2 times, the last yesterday. I don’t use Shelter. It happened several months ago, then no problem until 2 weeks ago (Xiaomi Mido)

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Yes, this issue is related to work profile (what the shelter does). I have been fixed the issue and I am about to update the launcher today. So it won’t happen in next update. And if it does, kindly report.
This update will also include the icon grid reset or scattering issue after OTA update or restart.

I’m not sure what shelter is or does, but something similar just happened to me. It wasn’t all apps that disappeared, but one folder of apps. I have been trying to get them back somehow, but no luck.

Is there a way to get individual apps back onto the screen? Is there a reason there is no regular all apps list somewhere easily accessible? I’m not a huge fan of having to have everything on the screen to start with and this certainly doesn’t help.

Ps: searched for shelter but no app suggestions came up.

Update: Restarted and they’re back. Is this the same issue or a different one?

If you don’t have installed shelter, it’s a different issue. And I have read some others do have the same issue. And as far as I know, there is a issue open on gitlab for this

There are some fixes related to shelter which should be there in the latest build of Blisslauncher

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new build with new shelter is on the way. I will test it at the evening