All videos play on half the speed /Pocophone

I am on the latest /e/ build, but it is been going on since first installation of /e/.
I think I missed I must have missed a step, hoping somebody can help me out!

So every video played with the default video player is at 0.5 speed, is that it ?

Did you try VLC ?

VLC is doing okay!
But in for example Telegram, NewPipe or any in-app are playing at half speed.

That’s weird… I’ve never heard of such an issue.

If you don’t find a logical explanation, please can you raise an issue on our gitlab.

Thanks for thinking with me!

I’m reading on the internet; could it be a firmware thing?

If it is a firmware issue vlc will have the same issue, so no, no firmware issue

Ah, okay, thanks for clearing that up.

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