Allow device location dialogue box on Nexus 4 (Mako)

I’m trying out /e/ on an old Nexus 4 (Mako) and noticed a curious thing in two navigation applications.

For both OSMAnd~ and in Magic Earth I see a dialogue box asking if I will allow the application to access the device’s location when I try to locate myself on the map. Neither the Deny or Allow buttons work and the apps appear frozen on the allow access dialogue.

Any ideas on why this might happen and how I could resolve?

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My first guess is the you have installed v1.0. The Advanced privacy features seem to produce random errors on certain devices.

I cannot suggest a sure way to solve the issue. Clues might lie in how much load is on the device, and the sequence in which the various permissions are provided. I had to wipe one device where I seemed to set up a situation where even Factory reset did not recover the phone!

Thanks for your response, @aibd .

I’m not sure if it’s V1. The /e/ device list indicates it is Minimal Nougat (beta). My phone itself says system version 0.17-2021060117698, if that is helpful to know.

I turned on Show taps and Pointer location to make sure that the screen was registering where I was clicking when trying to accept the location request in the system dialogue. Interestingly it looks like my pointer movement and clicks are registering in the correct place.

When the system dialogue requested location access I dragged my finger all over the screen, and amazingly, it appears to ultimately register as me hitting the ‘accept’ button. So now OSMAnd and Magic Earth both are showing my location.

Does this kind of problem sound familiar? Is there a reason system dialogues would not map to where the user is pressing that isn’t a hardware problem?

So, no, you don’t have the v1.0. You can get up to speed on that part of things if you follow the weekly #development-updates

I think you are describing a number of things which will be familiar to /e/ users. I really don’t want Google; if I am using a Google ecosystem which has been degoogled I do not expect to go too fast. I kind of expect things to come good mostly within 24 hours. I definitely load other apps one at a time, avoiding any conflicts of resources within the device … and powering down after sessions, of probably max 2 hours.

As I write this it sounds really ‘wet’, I guess I am a bit less tentative now, but I went through a significant learning curve!

Don’t hesitate to ask about specific issues, but in general there is plenty of reading and learning to do!

Good luck. :sunny:

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