Allow to block update on per app basis for f-droid apps

F-droid and its clones allow to block the update of some apps, stucking them to selected versions.
I didn’t found a way to do the same on App Lounge, so if this is a missing feature i think it should be a useful implementation.

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If you use Magisk and enable LSPosed you can use an Xposed module called UpdateLocker. That works amazingly for this cause. Per app settings, super easy.

I agree that it would be useful as on rare occasions I don’t want to update apps. Also I find it annoying the app lounge doesn’t show what apps it updated if updated in the background so that would be another reason why I’d like that feature or at least some more info each time it does an update. Preferably both

Thanks, for my personal use this can be the solution, but rooting is not an option for the devices i should provide to a NGO that wants go open source.