Allow to use extra location backends


Default location backend is Mozilla, but Mozilla does not work most of the time.
It gets a wrong (and often very wrong) location or a very not precise one, when it gets something…

It would be nice to be able to set extra location backends as location provider to be able to get something that works more.
Actually, it seems to be a feature that has been discontinued (don’t know why) since 1.12 version.


It was discontinued in the upstream build of microG. /e/ generally deliver whatever the mcroG project release - usually after a slight delay.

It would only be reinstated by /e/ if it is reinstated by microG. And this issue in the microG issue tracker gives a pretty clear indication that it isn’t going to happen, and explains the reasons why.

So, realistically, it isn’t going to happen in /e/OS

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Thanks for your answer.
I have another question about this and I can find the answer: how the Mozilla location database is updated?
I looked for this information, but I only found the Stumbler that has been discontinued by Mozilla.