Almost no phone reception

Hi team,
I was using a smartphone for few years and decided to switch to a Samsung S7 dual Sim that I bought online and then I installed /e/ (without any issue). It now runs on the last version available. However, since my SIM card is in the Samsung, the signal/network connection is very bad and almost unexistant/unavailable. I use the SIM card on a different phone and the reception is excellent. If I use a SIM card from another provider in the S7 it’s the same: no signal or close to 0. Any idea why ?
I should had that the picture quality is absolutely crap :wink:

hello @ehquionest
have you tested your s7 with another OS?

For the issues on Samsung devices with the camera could you try

Open the default Camera application (OpenCamera)
Go to settings
Enable “Use Camera2 API”

Yes, when I bought it, there was Android 7 on it and everything was fine…

Ok I did it, will see what it does better or not…