Alterantive stores: what about malwares?

Hi all,
It seems that hackers are quite active those days on android apps, and are using alternatives stores to push apps including malwares.
I’m not a specialist so my questions would be: what is the risk of using alternative stores? How can we be sure to use malware-free apps? Is there any protection to install on our phones?
Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems to me Yalp Stop provide apps coming directly from the Play Store so no problem with authenticity. To check.

Depends on which store you use.
F-Droid is for sure the most secure app store. No malware, no adware, no spyware - only bonafide FLOSS.
Other stores - like G%§$e Play - only filter out malware, but adware and spyware is almost an inclusion prerequisite.


with yalp and aurora you will get the same aps like you are getting with play store. If the app is in play store infected, you will get it also via yalp or aurora.

f-Droid is always the best.

And most other stores like aptoide are not secure.


Thank you for your useful answers.
I had Uptodwon and APKpure in my list, should I remove them?

Nope, they are jsut different. I use them when Yalp isn’t working.