Alternative app to google translate?

Hello, i uninstalled google translate app months ago but i’m still using it with the browser, is there a good alternative app?

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I am not sure if there is an actual app, but DeepL is perfect for me. You could add a shorcut to your homescreen and have it available right away.


I also binned Google Translate and use DeepL instead. It works well.


The app Linguee might be a good replacement as well. Unfortunally it is not open source.
It is not an translator like google translate or deepl but a dictionary.
When you copy a word other your mother language, you get a notification the same moment with the translation. Its a really good feature and the main reason I use it (even though the dictionary it self is also excellent).

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There is also Has several languages and acts as kind of a dictionary.

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I found an app similar to linugee but open source. Its called InstaLate (f-droid)

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In my case, I had to install Google Translator again, I havent found any other app with its option for “voice conversation”.
Besides, after using DeepL, the sound is really bad in DeepL.

I also find DeepL useful replacement to Google Translate😊