Alternative for DeepL to use as app

On my computer I use DeepL for translation.
As far as I know Deepl doesn’t have an app.
Which app can you recommend for translation?

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I’m also looking for a good translation app that keeps a local history and with offline mode.

There’s none. You have to use Goolag Translator.

I really like for words, bits and pieces. This service is run by DeepL as well but with an app.
If you need full teyt translatiom just set yourself a desktop icon from your browser to the DeepL website.

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There is one!

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That app doesn’t work for as much as I could tell. So I am using deepL in my Brave browser with a shortcut on my homescreen. I’m not interested in saving my history or anything, and it works very well for my needs.

And for a simple offline dictionary I’m using QuickDic (yes that’s the name)

I use for several years. You can download the app and dictionaries für offline use. The app has trackers which I block.

His deepL/openL apps have been abandoned / depreciated and hasn’t worked for a long time sadly.