Alternative keyboards for /e/?

It’s not open source but Fleksy is a good keyboard and it works locally so nothing we type is uploaded on servers

What’s you native language?

…German, why?

I thought I make you a German-English pack, but I can’t build it, Android studio issues (&@#(#$… I Also noticed there are different version of language packs.

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Oh, pity, but thanx anyway

Ive done what u said, but i doesnt work. I prolly did something wrong, but i dont know what.

de_en in link now. I got some red underlines, but the system did not auto correct English words while using German keyboard.

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Can you give more info, what does not work? Did you uninstall Dutch language? (Apps & notifications > AnySoftKeyboard - Dutch… >Uninstall) After that install apk from link, and select the Dutch keyboard in AnySoftKeyboard app.

I did the steps again and now i have 2 dutch keyboards: suriname and belgium:see_no_evil:

So select the left and then you can type Dutch and English :slight_smile:

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Added French-English here

hi all, just wanted to say i use Swiftkey for a few reasons, 1) it’s dual language (at the same time - so not having to switch keyboards all the time, 2) it’s amazing predictive and corrective abilities, 3) really good swiping interface. But (1) is the biggie for me. So if you’ve been able to create an open-source possibility for this by merging dictionaries i’m definitely going to try it!


@rik yes! Very important- dual language.
Is Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese available?

Swiftkey, seriously. … why not install gboard aswell then…

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Yep, it’s from Microsoft, isn’t open source, has 3 trackers and 12 permissions (too much for a keyboard).


@GaelDuval Anysoft keyboard is open source, can you put a dev on that and fork it to support multi language? I think /e/ deserves a good keyboard with multi language support. I find anysoft keyboard a pain in the neck when typing multilingual.


As mentioned here Anysoft was removed as the default for /e/ with 0.5 . There are some improvements being done to make it better. Multi language support would also be a good feature.


Yeah way too much!!!
Plus from Microsoft… :sneezing_face:

Thx Manoj, i used an outdated build command i guess. good to hear it will be better.

Yes, we definitely need a better keyboard, but there is a lot of work and don’t have “free developers” available at the moment.