Alternative to "BH by Kinomap" (fitness/bicycle riding app)

Hi all!
Here at home we’re planning to buy an Indoor Static Bicycle, a BH i.Nexor Dual, that is i.concept ready; that means that it can be connected to “BH by Kinomap” or other similar apps. BH by Kinomap is very good because it has maps and videos and you can have a nice feeling of riding in different cenarios.
The problem is, BH by Kinomap can be a privacy nightmare.

Does anyone know any good alternative to this app?
Thank’s in advance

In the meantime, you can try using TrackerControl to block trackers in this or other apps.

Thank you LEPT. I’ve installed and will surely try to understand better how it works.

The only think is I use my VPN always on and I can’t use at the same time with TrackerControl.

A quick check and Firefox tried to contact at least 3 companies, PayPal 3, DuckDuckGo 2 and Aurora Store 1 :scream:
Is this normal?

Meanwhile, if someone knows a good Kinomap alternative, I’d appreciate.
Thank you