Alternative to eSpeak?

Addendum: Samsung Note 3 (SM-N9005), Android 9, LOS 16.0

I hope cogui-ai could offer good default TTS / STT in the near future.

Edit: English TTS sample in this video:

If time tag isn’t working sample is starting at 3 min.

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Great link, did you test it? TTS 0.4.2 documentation

Not yet, did check tough that there’s STT model for my native lsnguage, TTS are coming (time will show which languages available).

I mostly currently miss good TTS for Feeder & Organic Maps etc. Sure when “Elivia” is available STT is nice to have too. Sure if it works well and someone has special needs, why not also for speach to text. Sure there are cases it could be handy at home too, not in the public so much.

Just wanted to bump this thread to share that Ivona installs and works flawlessly on the Google Pixel 4a with /e/OS R- v0.18.

Ivona can still be accessed
It’s working great with 0.22

Note that the Hq is compatible for newer androids
for offline on newer androids try here

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I still hope Coqui will success. Ivona might be good option until then if your language is supported, mine unfortunately isn’t. And eSpeak is unfortunately just awful to listen, especially at my language.

I own a refurbished S9+ bought at model
SM-G965F with Android 10

e_star2lte-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20220228.102023 dev-keys,stable-release

and i’ve followed previous instructions. All works perfectly.
Many thanks!

I do not have writing rights in this folder ?

J’ai essayé de suivre votre tuto, mais impossible de réaliser l’ultime étape qui est de copier le dossier dans le dossier obb.
Le dossier obb n’est pas accessible. Peut-être parce-que mon téléphone n’est pas rooté…dommage.

J’ai eu la même problème et je l’ai résolu facilement.

1/ J’ai branché mon smartphone sur mon ordinateur portable ( installé avec ubuntu )
2/ J’ai sélectionné ’ transfert de fichiers ’ sur le smartphone. Le dossier du smartphone apparait sur l’ordinateur.
3/ Et là miracle, j’ai pu réaliser l’ultime étape. Et Ivona fonctionne.


Je suis très surpris que ça fonctionne comme ça. Moi aussi je l’ai copié depuis le PC mais en utilisant ADB shell

En effet, moi aussi. Mais au final j’ai été bien inspiré car je ne suis pas un geek :slightly_smiling_face:

Apparently, the development team is going to switch back to PicoTTS :


Since /e/ moved now back to PicoTTS and this leaved some of us without TTS at all + installing espeak or some other at f-droid isn’t just option for some languages…

I suggest you to listen samples of mimic3:

I’ve suggested that as one alternative to espeak at gitlab a while ago, but it still doesn’t have android version and didn’t at least yet got any intrest by team, so… If you like what mimic3 samples sounds like, let your voice be heard at their github. I flled request for android version to f-droid to their issue tracker. Fell free to comment there, if you feel like they should notice rhe need sooner than they probably have planed to… This might, or might not help. just lets not spam there.


Just in order to keep new interesting TTS projects in this pipeline.
The Home-Assistant team is working on Piper TTS which sounds pretty decent

Check out as well:


TTS is super important for us cyclists. And I believe that cyclists, especially the urban, lifestyle kind are a great market for sustainability- and/or privacy oriented phones.

Actually I use this project on my android phone :
And the apk for your language is here :
I hope this discovery has helped some of you :pray:
This project use piper for the model and in french he’s sound really good. But some version exist with the coqui AI model if you want…

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That sounds promising indeed! I’m testing it. Thanks for the links! :wink:

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