Alternative to Shelter for isolating apps?

Hello dear forum,

I was wondering if you know of any alternatives to Shelter? I actually like to use it for my disliked apps with a lot of trackers like Spotify, Instagram etc…

But now I’m getting a company sim card soon and wanted to use the work profile that Shelter uses. What practices do you know about isolating such apps? I looked around a bit on the internet and found the app Island.
Is it possible to achieve the same functionality by simply freezing apps in the normal profile as in Shelter?


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Hi, you can try using the “Multiple User” feature found in settings, it should somewhat limit the data an app can access and would allow the workspace to be left for the company’s needs.

I am not 100% sure about the data access limitation factor, maybe some other forum user knows more than me and can provide a more appropriate answer.

Still, I hope I have been at least partially helpful.


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First of all,
sorry for the late reply and thanks for your answer!

I added another user, but this solution seems a bit impractical for me. There are certainly some advantages, but changing users is probably a bit tiring if you have to do it regularly.

Both Shelter and Island (or Insular, a FLOSS fork of island) use the work profile to isolate apps.

At this point, you should consider using different apps for Spotify/Instagram in your normal profile and leave the work profile to your company.

These apps are:

  • Spotube as a replacement for Spotify;
  • Barinsta as a replacement for Instagram;

You can find them on FDroid, they claim to give some advantages in terms of privacy.

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