Alternatives to Patreon?

I’m supporting the via Patreon but just found out that Patreon is canceling the support for government critical projects in some countries. IMHO this is a problem for a democratic society and for freedom. Therefore i would recommend to switch to a neutral service.
I’ll cancel my support on Patreon, is another service available?

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I also only know Patreon, but maybe would be a better alternative or a second way to support the project? @support


Where did you find out about this? I’ve not seen anything about it.

I’ve supported different projects via Patreon of which some were affected. If you search on spot( you may find some other examples. I don’t want to post a specific example to avoid a side discussion.

I looked but I didn’t find anything that would make me want to not use Patreon.

Anyway, I support /e/ by paying for my account: . This cuts out the middleman and avoids having a third party (Patreon or whoever) profiting from /e/'s work. If you don’t like Patreon, then give the money direct to /e/


Good hint. Even if i don’t use the /e/ services, this is a good way to support the project if the money goes directly to /e/.


I agree that paying for your account, and inviting others to do the same, is probably the best way to support /e/, and any other decentralised, privacy-protecting service.

It is also a good opportunity to convey the message that nothing is free and that when you get a “free” account from a GAFAM, well, they have to get you to pay in other ways so they can spend money on servers, programmers, etc.

Should this option be made easier to find, and possibly accompanied by some kind of manifesto?

No link I could find when you are at

No mention of that option and/or links to it on the “Support E Foundation” page (

Only way I could find to access was to go to the web site’s Products page (, scroll down and in the section " One account for your privacy" click on the link “Find the plan for you”.


That’s strange: the link I posted…

… takes me straight to the relevant page.

I also mailed the support about the missing links to the subscriptions in the shop. There are also other things that bug me with the shop which i also add in the mail. I thing the whole shop needs some love, because it feels unfinished and buggy and don’t give a good user expirience, which is necessary to get new customers.


I know TheQuartering and some other content creators use it, and I will be too.

Patreon has a pretty dark history of kicking certain people off their platform while allowing terrorists to gain funding.

Sorry, I was not very clear.
The direct link you gave to the “e-cloud-subscriptions” page does indeed work.
What I wanted to say is that when you go the shop’s entry page at, there is no mention of the option to buy subscriptions and no link to the “e-cloud-subscriptions” page. So unless you know the exact URL, you cannot get to it from the site’s entry page.

Thanks for the nudge… I’ve just donated to /e/ for the first time as I have some money at the minute (not always the case).
I paypalled but then forgot to share my address, so I won’t get any pretty stickers.

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