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Yesterday I got my new Fairphone 5 and installed version ‘eos-1.15.2-t-20231011340157-stable-FP5’ on it. It’s working fine except for one thing. When I tap my screen the always on display isn’t shown. The screen stays black. After I unlock with my fingerprinter the screens become active and I can use my Fairphone.

Does anybody know what setting I’m missing? With my Pixel5 I could tap the screen and the screen lit up and showed me app alerts. With Fairphone the screen stays black when I tap it.

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Just to make sure: Do you tap or double-tap?

For now, I can only test this on an FP5 running the stock Fairphone OS, and there it works when double-tapping (lift to wake works, too).

Double tapping on stock Fairphone OS works, but I mean double tapping on e/OS/ v1.15 FP5 which I installed. A double-tap doesn’t work and I can not find any setting to enable/disable this.

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I have the same issue. On my FP5 running /e/OS 1.17 tap to wake does not work and cannot be found in any settings. I am also missing the Always on Display setting (I believe it is called “Always show time” or similar).

Is this a bug?

Edit: Neither tap nor double tap wakes the screen. Also lift to wake doesn’t work and there isn’t any option for that in the settings either.

Precisely this. I have the same. Maybe it’s a security feature, which I find annoying.

Same here. I am on 1.16.

Hey @Manoj , sorry to bother you, but is there any information regarding this issue? If not, is it possible to open a ticket?

Thank you in advance :four_leaf_clover:

Pl go ahead and raise an issue on Gitlab. In case you do not have an account, this guide should be helpful.

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I opened a bug ticket for this. Thank you @Manoj!

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Just adding to this: This post on the FP forums explains where the setting for always on display can normally (e.g. in FPOS) be found: In /e/OS it’s missing at least until 1.17 (haven’t tested 1.18 yet). Low prio for me personally, I think other issues are more important, but I can see how some people may consider it important.

Anyone know if this will be in the next version? It’s annoying to not have some notification LED emulator, which always works quite well on an OLED screen with AOD.

Apparently there is an issue with the AOD functionality on the stock FPOS. It causes the screen pixels to not turn off when AOD is activated.

See here:
And here:

Since this is probably a kernel issue and I imagine /e/OS uses mostly the same kernel as FPOS, I guess the problem was also present with /e/. That probably explains why they removed the AOD option. And since the problem with stock OS is not solved yet, I guess it will take some more time before a solution comes for /e/.

And believe me, once this is fixed, you will turn it off again when you discover how many batterylive AOD is taking.

(Been there with my OP7 pro)

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