Always-on VPN details

Where can I find details about the Always-on VPN, part of the Advanced Privacy? (VPN type, settings/configuration, VPN server(s) address(es), etc…)

I tried searching through the /e/ Documentation, but I can’t find anything.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Setting → Internet and netword → Advanced setting → VPN → advanced privacy wheel → always on VPN (on/off)

What’s the use of having the VPN set as Always-on?

I know how to turn it off/on. My question was around what technology is it, underneath. Is it the TOR VPN, or it’s something else? If it’s something else, what technology does it use (SSL?) and who/where are the VPN servers?

You can search on the forum : “Advanced Privacy: know all about it”:

Thanks Nicolas. Unfortunately that page does not contain any info about the VPN.

In fact, for what I understand, it’s only use the VPN slot provided by android on your phone. And it’s use TOR/Orbot.

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Hope it’s help anyway :slight_smile:

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Thanks Nicolas. That is really enlightening and raising quite a few new questions, at the same time.

The info you shared, seems to point to the fact that VPN-always-on is needed in order for the Advanced privacy features to function (mask the real IP address & location and potentially also block trackers as well).

However, I can run with the Always-on-VPN disabled and the system tells me trackers are still being blocked, and the fake IP and location functions are still working.
Either the system is incorrectly reporting my protection status, or the always-on-VPN is not being used for all these functions, but as an extra protection, on top of them…

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This option is not really mandatory, it’s just prevent from leaks (for what I understand)

The VPN slot is only use for this feature not for tracker or GPS location spoofing.

A little help is welcom @aibd @AnotherElk @smu44 ? :slight_smile:

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Did anyone mention Advanced Privacy ?

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Sorry, not much knowledge about Advanced Privacy internals here…

GitLab project here: e / os / Advanced Privacy · GitLab
Maybe opening a gitLab issue, asking for clarification?

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After doing some practical tests, I can confirm the system incorrectly reports protection status - with the VPN disconnected, and IP set to hidden (I configured a specific country for the fake IP), when connecting to gmail webmail (via web browser), it clearly detects my correct country of origin.
Yesterday I had the VPN on and gmail saw me coming from the country selected in the fake IP menu, in Advanced privacy.
I would say this is a bug - Advanced privacy GUI cannot tell if the VPN is up or down, so reports protection status solely based on the configuration in its menus.

I don’t think I have enough permissions to create a new issue - no “new issue” button/link on the webpage for me.

Looks like this gitlab issue:

And I invite you to read the full topic (notably the end of discussion) here :

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