Amazon Fire TV stick 4K

Would it be possible to create an /e/ ROM fort this device?
Amazon Fire TV stick 4K (codenamed “Mantis”)

I have seen that this device is not in the list, and I belive that it is widespread, and probably, the not the best privacy-friendly …
I am wondering if that solution would be easier than others for straiming and smart TVs, taking advantage of the remote control (perhaps without voice control :slight_smile: ).

Thank you for considering this request, and for any comments / feedback

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…if you find more 3ads/resources, please share.

Well, he/she asked for the Amazon Fire TV stick 4K (codenamed “Mantis”) device…

…anyway sources without builder are useless, so I would look for a volunteer on XDA first. :wink:

Sorry - my mistake. Post deleted

Why not open another dedicated 3ad ?