An unidentified icon in the call app: person shouting (making a call)

Dear users,

What is the icon in the call window, when taking a call, please? It displays a shouting person:

I’m not able to identify any difference, when it is off or on (red).

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I have the same doubt


Never seen… What’s your /e/ ? 0.9-p ?

Yes, Android 7.1.2, /e/ 0.9-n

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I haven’t seen this either.
I had a quick look whether I could find something based on the picture, but the only similar icons that come up are dictating/speech-to-text Apps.

I had seen it too. ‘Secret mode’ during call ???

I tried a test but my wife stopped call before I’d seen a result :smiley:

PS : pic edited, thanks :wink:

“Hi dear, wait, nothing, I’m just fiddling here around and want to check on a feature in the phone…”
“Neeh, oh, again! You nerd…!”

Thanks, you made my day! :smile:


p.s. I suggest you that you edit the screenshot and remove the phone number.

Tested with my son, a few minutes ago : turned on (red) seems to enforce speaker’s loudness (for me) but cause degradation (for him).

My device is a ‘budget’ one, becoming old furthermore…

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