Anbox running on Librem 5 (PureOS)

The Linux Android emulator Anbox is now officially supported on the Librem 5 (earlier post here). This is a really cool development for people who would like to transition to a Linux phone, but cannot completely leave Android behind for some reason. As important as the emulation, it provides container/sandboxing features too, so running Android apps on Anbox gives users more control than they have on a native Android phone.

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Thanks a lot for the info. This will definitely help transitioning to a linux phone, at least for me and my coming evergreen librem 5. On the other I have switched to /e/ for the waiting period and I find it so cool that I have started deploying it among my family. So I think I will keep on supporting both!

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If you are using /e/ you ARE using a Linux phone! Android is based on Linux!

true, like IOS phone are UNIX phone. I meant “trusted” linux phone :slight_smile:

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well, i am not an expert, but are iOS and Android not different in their origins, since Android is open-source, and iOS is not?

at least more knowledgeable… Keep on educate me :). Let say I feel safer with /e/ or pureos and their purpose.

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