Android 10 and Samsung S7 edge

My Samsung S7 Edge, with version 1.3 of e/OS, purchased from in September 2019 has been updated with android 10 and has many problems. The gps does not pass data to applications like whatsapp. Contacts are updated hours after reboot. Video playback (with drm) has stopped working in some applications and browsers.
Can someone tell me how to go back to previous version of android?

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Hi Joan,
I’ve had many of the same problems and many of them have not been solved yet.
One source of problems is the advanced privacy. If you have this set on on, it will hide your gps location for apps. I couldn’t get my navigation app Magic Earth to work because the advanced privacy app would give a location somewhere in the Filipines to Magic Earth. I do value my privacy, so I keep advanced privacy on but when I need navigation I turn it off. In the settings the is an option “advanced privacy” were you can turn advanced privacy off. you can see that advanced privacy gives a fake location to apps, denies trackers and hides your real IP address. I kinda like those features, but it can lead to problems with apps, so you may try to turn this setting off en see what happens.

Hope this helps. Good luck.