Android 10 is acting very strange on my phone. /e/OS was the best choice

I was using LineageOS (still with Google Apps/Nano package from OpenGapps) and I noticed it was so hot when the Wi-Fi and the screen was on, the battery was being drained so fast and the phone gets very hot that it’s hard to grab it on hand for so long.
I thought it was something related to Google services and tracking, then I decided to test LineageOS for microG and the same odd behavior happened. So, it seems to be something related to Android 10?!
Both custom roms are on Android 10. So, I’ve found out /e/ and liked all about it and how it was designed for everyone (not only devs, geeks etc, but normal people who cared about privacy), so I decided to give it a try and I’m actually impressed how stable, how my battery is lasting way more than it were on Samsung stock rom and of course, LineageOS (with and without Google) with Android 10.
I noticed the /e/OS is based on Android 9 Pie, so, maybe that’s the reason?! Have you guys experienced something similar when tried Android 10 ports?!
Is there any version of /e/OS with Android 10 for S5 for me to test if the same thing happens, because if it does, I would be afraid to upgrade version. I haven’t test Android 11 though.
My phone model is sm-g900m and codename klte.

I can’t say to anything about Android 10 since I haven’t moved up yet. I gotta say though, /e/OS Pie on my Essential Phone has been a pleasure. I have another phone as a daily driver so this one doesn’t get a ton of use but still. Everything has been running smoothly, phone stays cool throughout a few hours of use.
Battery life is the best. I seriously go five+ days between charges as it sleeps like a baby. The EMail app is the only thing showing high battery usage yet that has minimal overall impact.

I haven’t gotten the nerve to move up to Q. Some day. Maybe.

I have tested several roms with Android 10 and all of them makes my phone warms up and drain the battery, about 1% each 1 or 2 minutes.
At first, I thought it was the battery, but it’s new and original and this issue only happens on Android 10.
I found a custom rom that has Android 11 port [Havoc OS], unofficially for my S5. The battery drains even faster than Android 10, it’s laggy, but at least, it doesn’t get warm as Android 10.
Yeah, something is very very wrong about those latest versions, at least for my phone. My mother is using LineageOS with Android 10 and it doesn’t even get hotter and believe me or not, it has an Exynos chipset that is famous for being “crazy” at draining battery and getting hot, it’s not the case for her phone.
Unfortunately, she “loves” Google, so there’s Google for her. I won’t force anyone to degoogle.

It seems Android Pie has become so stable while Android 10 and 11 haven’t.
Last time, the phone got so hot that I needed to put it in the freezer for some minutes in order to it not explode or burning my hand LOL.
It’s something inside the phone, but it’s not the battery because it gets to a temperature close to the room temperature.
Personally, I like to get new features, so it’s sad to see there is no official port for Android Q/10 while Samsung, Pixel and OnePlus are delivering Android 11 to their latest phones already.