Android 10+ Note10/20 support+ Software Skins?

I’m confused on why there is no android 10 fork for /e/os? Is android 10 not available for open source yet?

Also please add support to the new Samsung phones

Also, do software skins work in this? I’m not liking the default skin but I still want to get this instead of Lineage.

Also what are the limitations of e/os? I want to make my regular phone e/os but i’m not sure about all the details yet. Thanks!

It’s in work and should be released soon.

Regarding the skin, you are talking about the launcher, right ?
You can install the launcher of your choice

Not all apps are working without goolag play services. For example, a lot of banking apps aren’t workig. Or most purchased apps

Why don’t they work though? What is causing this? Also, does this include PayPal? (In the banking apps that don’t work)

Some apps will check for original goolag framework and won’t work without.
I have read that paypal is working for some users. When not, you can use the web page or not?

Yeah, PayPal has a web version so that is fine. Does the Aurora store work there? It’s like a private alternative to the play store. Also, is it possible to get someone to joink the code from Samsung camera app to use in eos or is that not legally allowed? Cause the default camera app is a little eh, I’ve heard. I don’t want to get google camera because that’s google

Aurora is fine. Better than e-apps store which iften not work.

On my device the open cameta app works fine.
If you will find a install able Samsung camera app well, you can use it, but it will spy same way as goolag camera.

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