Android 11 dev version upgrade for OnePlus nord avicii

Hi @manoj

I saw that there was an upgrade for the dev version under android 11 (R) available for the OnePlus nord avicii. If I understood well, there will be no upgrade in OTA, as it is the dev version and not stable. However, I did not find the corresponding documentation on your site to explain in detail how to do the upgrade manually. So I was wondering if you will continue to offer the next version of /e/ (1.5) under android 10 for the OnePlus nord, and therefore it was not useful for the moment to upgrade, or if it’s mandatory to get the next updates, cause it’s still marked as beta release ?


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I am running 1.5-rc-r-20221013226138-stable-avicii, I first did the beta release (by activating e/test channel) then I checked for updates and it updated to stable. If i recall correct both updates were OTA.

Updates (same OS version) will all be OTA. OS version upgrades we try to make them OTA but in some case it does not work. For those devices, users have to manually download and install the OS upgrade.

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Hi @Manoj how would one do this? That is, OS version update. i.e. from 10-12 etc.

Normally, when going up major Android versions it is recommended to flash the latest Android firmware for the device before moving up to corresponding custom ROM (A11 or A12).
For your device I do not know how essential that is but is always the best/safest bet. Going back to stock allows one to make sure everything works as intended (hardware features, modem, networking). Then when on custom, what doesn’t work there is more than likely a ROM issue.

This page is your /e/ launching point.
Info about OnePlus Nord - avicii
There’s a back to stock section.

In addition here is some additionals for stock firmware.
[FIRMWARE] Flashable firmware / modem / baseband / RIL [OnePlus Nord] [avicii] | XDA Forums

General stuff, just in case.
OnePlus Nord | XDA Forums

Ah yikes. So, the idea is would have to go back to stock then update then install e is again.
At least the easy installer now seems to be available. Had to install manually the first time which was an interesting challenge.

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