Android 13 accidental upgrade

I am planning to i stall EOS on pixel 5 for testing.

However, the most recent android version is 13. The manual recommends uogrsdijg android to the latest version.

If i accidentally upgrade it to 13, eOS wouldn’t be able to be installed right ? Since it has to be the version 12?

How is it possible to upgrade android and still keep it on 12 and not 13?

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Stock rom you need to have on the same level of android as /e/ os version. To avoid accidental updates of the phone stock rom I would suggest to turn off the automatic OS updates in the phone settings. I am not sure if stock rom downgrade is possible. I use Asus Zenfone 8, but as I updated it till Android 13 now I am looking forward to /e/ os on level of Android 12 for thath :wink:

Last week-end (april the 30) i did an install of /e/OS for another user on a Pixel 5.

It is possible to downgrade from A13 to A12 ( i did it).
For a unknown reason, my computer refuse to apply the “flash-all” command (I would have preferred this method), so because i was in a hurry i decided to use the online tool provided from a google serveur.

Today i found this recent xda thread that cover the topic :

So the recommendation for those who upgraded their pixels to android 13 is to manually downgrade it to 12? Can we also oost the downgrade manual on here?

Also is it possible to select the upgrade to 12 latest instead of 13?

Navigate this article:

choose method 2 : fastboot (at the end of the article)