Android audioplayer plays mp3's right channel only


A few weeks ago I installed /e/ on my ‘new’ Samsung S8. With my Samsung S8 I tried to play various audio files. Audio flies in flac-format are playing perfectly. But when I play an audio file in mp3 format only the right channel can be heard on my headphone. I tried playing the mp3’s on other devices to check whether the files are OK. Both channels can be heard.
Something else that is very, very strange:
When I am playing the mp3 using the standard audio player (Lineage Eleven I presume) and use the slider to manouvre trough the track a split second the left channel can be heard.
I took some time to think and search for a solution but I didn’t succeed.
So, for now I assume that there is a probem in the combination hardware and software.
Today I installed the brand new /e/ 0.14 version, but that did not solve the problem.


I installed VLC and used it to play some mp3 files. All files played without any problem, left and right channel was present.
So I can conclude that the internal audio player in /e/ is not playing all mp3 files correctly.
That is the second app in my /e/ version, 0.14, that is not functioning properly.
I hope that the sync bug in the E-mail app and the mp3 bug in the audio player will be solved as soon as possible. I want to keep my /e/ as lean and mean as possible :wink:

You can help to solve these issues by opening a issue :
Please search for any related issue before opening a new one :wink:

Thanks for responding.
Concerning the Email app:
Gitlab 2361
Concerning the audio-problem: I will thin about it.
Very strange that no one using a S8 reported the same issue…

Very strange, indeed.

I don’t know much about Samsung devices, but maybe this could be related to a firmware issue.
The install guide only mentions vendors files, don’t know il this could help …

Thanks for the information.
I could’n find something in the install guide that is important for me.
The Samsung S8 is a flagship.
There must be more users dealing with the same audio-problem.