Android Auto and /e/OS

recently Magic Earth has released support Android Auto, which sounds great, but the problem is that the Google App Android Auto is required to get this feature. Is that correct and is there a workaround for this issue?
The main concern is that Android Auto is not Open Source.
I’ve a navigation device with Ford Sync3 and that doesn’t support MirrorLink as an Alternative. It only supports Android Auto and the iPhone equivalent

Thanks for any hints.

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Android Auto is a Google proprietary service that is integrated at the root of Android.

It’s currently not supported by any OS based on LineageOS for Micro-G (including /e/).

However, it seems that hopefully an opensource compatible solution would be set up in the future by the developers of /e/OS.

In the meantime, the following solution seems to work well, but needs to root the device:

This topic comes up often on this forum and several treads can be found by searching with the keywords “Android Auto”.