Android Auto App will not work with the Murena One

Wanted to notify other’s that as much as I like my Murena One it does have it’s limitations. Tried to install Android Auto into a Toyota Prius after downloading/installing it onto the Murena One. Immediately a window pops up stating Android Auto must be installed into the Operating System itself and not as an app so it’s a no go using the Murena One with Android Auto. It followed up with a list of Google phones and OS version’s which would work.

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And now … 2023 … ? And perhaps Toyota App ?

Not sure what you are asking but the car is a 2023 toyota prius. Regarding the Toyota app it was installed but I chose to uninstall it. Does this answer what you were asking?

I think I have read (almost) no report of success with Android Auto. Here is a forum search – Android Auto – pleased to hear different :slight_smile:

My reading of this article is that the system in the car does not have to be Google registered, but speculation it is likely that most manufactures have accepted Google support and taken the “Google registered” route.

If this were the case it would be extra hard to register (as a degoogled phone) with the car.

Chipping away at the issue – you might ask Toyota whether their installed system is Open Source or whether they have crippled it to Google.

your best bet to run AA is Android Auto with /e/? - #26 by gautgaut

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I think it’s a work in progress (not sure though) but I just created a feature request on Gitlab:


Although Android Auto is based on Google’s proprietary APIs, there is an alternative open-source solution: aa4mg

you want to edit this for clarity - aa4mg is just packaging the proprietary bits into something useful for Magisk. “” aka Android Auto that is packaged and does the headunit (car display) projection from the smartphone App - is proprietary. aa4mg is not an alternative solution.

There are projects where people build opensource components (mostly emulate the receiving screen end) in the androidauto space - but nothing that could replace the projector App. Someone pushed a Waze App extracted aauto-sdk repository for independent AA compatible App building - that Google requested to be taken down.

I should not have stated “Murena One does have it’s limitations”. The Murena One is doing what it is supposed to do. I love this phone.

Right, thank you, I have add a comment to my feature proposal on Gitlab. Do not hesitate to comment as well.

Sorry, I’m not a technical expert. I hope this could help…

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I’m sorry too - in fact, as the aa4microg readme states - the packaged gearhead App is a stub, not the full apk yet - it will get downloaded with the first App store connection. If the Maps, Velvet and TTS stubs get installs too or can remain stubs I’m unsure (have no car) - but they too, would be proprietary.

What I took issue with was the “opensource” bit, it really is just assembling closed source packages. The reality is, automotive android is a guarded space, despite parts of it being opensource.

But it’s good you took the time to register the Android Auto interest with the backlog. There are 3 prior entries.

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Just received my FP4. The phone does everything I need except Android Auto. I would love to see Android Auto supported in the future.

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This recent comment in the F-Droid forum sums it up really.

you have to flash a full Google apps package, it is completely proprietary and gains wide privileged access.

there is no possible way yet to use it via eg. microG or Sandboxed Play.

There’s an issue open for it but doesn’t look promising.
Feature proposal: Add an open Android Auto solution (#7098) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab

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