Android Auto compatible?

Is/will Android Auto work with /e/ ?
I’ve used Lineage + MicroG for years, but had not the possibility to use android auto (too old cars here…). My readings (xda…) about compatibility of Android Auto with LOS say it’s ok, but that’s less certain with MicroG.

Has anybody tested? Is there any plan for it?


Android Auto doesn’t work

what is the reason that Android Auto does not work? Is anybody aware of a workaround? (Like the one for the banking apps?)
_- Reiner

I guess it depends too much of Google Play Services, which is of course not implemented in /e/. I don’t know if an alternative exists.

Hi, android auto is inside some (not all) G Play Services, not all smartphones have it. I use an old bought used huawei with a new G account and I only use it to have Waze on the car radio display…