Android auto - misleading guide

I wonder, what is the point to guide people to use android auto and ask them to download all google apps?
What is the point of the e OS, if the guide tells us to download google apps?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I think that the point is the following:

  1. On a googled phone, google can spy on everything you do.
  2. On a de-googled phone, google can only spy on what you do within google apps.
  3. There is really no alternative to Android auto.
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Indeed, currently it’s mandatory to install those 4 apps to run Android Auto:

  • Google
  • Google speech recognition
  • Google map
  • Android Auto

The reason is that Android Auto is a Google proprietary library (should be renamed “Google Auto” in fact).

The teams are working to “eventually” find an opensource implementation of Android Auto for the future. But yet there’s no other workaround.

Remark: Only some Android T devices are compatible yet. (I don’t know the exact list).

/e/OS is not Android Auto. Nobody forces you to use Android Auto on /e/OS. :person_shrugging:
But the ones who want to use it, now can.


It would be interesting to test if these stubs would work:

Unfortunately I’m on A11, so I’m not able to test it.