Android Auto with Magisk?

One of the applications I miss since installing eOS on my OP7T is Android Auto. Recently I learned about Magisk and a module that claims to enable Android Auto. Has anyone here used this method successfully? If so, what install steps did you follow? Thanks.

here’s the thread that discusses the method and links the aa4mg github repo - Android Auto with /e/? - #19 by stanwood … no clear positive answers there, but xda has them, so you might as well just try

Thanks for the link. Looks like some significant risk involved.

it’s packaged as magisk module, so for people familiar it should be easy GitHub - sn-00-x/aa4mg: Android Auto 4 microG

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/e/OS and a googled Android Auto?

Not everything that is technically possible is also useful!

The prime purpose of /e/OS is to support a smartphone that does the jobs we need our smartphone to do. Many of those jobs can be done without using Google apps or services. Other jobs (e.g. use in cars, speech to text) are sadly not yet possible without using Google apps or services.

If you don’t need to do the jobs that still need Google apps or services, you are fortunate. Not everyone is in that position

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I’m a free person. I only have to do what I want. I definitely don’t want Google. And so I avoid Google wherever possible. In return, I’m just as willing to do without so-called Google goodies. Where there is a will, there is also a way (way out).

People have different thresholds of how much of Google they’ll tolerate because it’s a trade-off between privacy and convenience. I’m prepared to lose some privacy when I’m driving for the benefits of android auto. I wish there was an alternative to AA but I don’t think it exists.

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Certainly, each user his own idea regarding data protection and privacy. Nevertheless, in my mind, installing additional Google apps counteracts the philosophy and aspiration of the /e/OS is a complete, fully “deGoogled”, mobile ecosystem

I am deGoogled, but I still use some of Google Services, occasionally, but it is all from a limited standpoint with no authentication. This gives them nothing to track for collecting to be sold anywhere.

When logged in to Google on your Desktop and Phone, using all Google Services, Google knows constantly, where you are, who you are communicating with, all your emails, who you come in contact with and all your web searches. On a Google Phone, they track every time you open an app and have that device fingerprinted.

DeGoogled, using just some of their services, and not having access to fingerprint your phone because Google Play Services is not there, replaced with MicroG, they do not know all your apps installed, they do not have constant access to your location and they do not get to track every app you open. In loading Google Maps in the web browser, all they know is your apporximate location. But even that, without WiFi scanning is not conclusive to fingerprint you vs one of your neighbors, or housemates that also use Google.

Being deGoogled (whether eOS or LineageOS or some other custom ROM) with MicroG, even if you use some Google Services while never logging in, is 99.9% the same as just not using them at all, so for that .1%, I will use some of their stuff, to help make my life a bit more convenient.

I do use Android Auto with Magisk. The latest install of the aa4mg module, now installs the stubs needed for TTL, Google Maps and Google. It works great!