Android basic apps

I have one question that has been going in my head since I have been using custom ROMs . All the custom roms comes with default androids app like dialer, contacts, sms galery. luckely e foundation use another one for sms. But what about dialer, contacts or galery? are they free of google? cause if I goto settings and see their privacy, they redirect me straight to google? so it does mean that belongs to google and they are used in e foundation? how much data recollect from us to google that apps? And I can see that they need to be in the phone cause other way as another app it will not work, in the same field.
how possible is to get reed of them and why are noy another apps by default in e foundation.

thanks for reading it

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A lot of people, me included, are monitoring the network connections and I can tell you for sure, they are not making any connection to goolag.
And most of theses apps are build from scretch for custom roms.


thanks harvey186 for yoiur answer

but why then the app in the privacy terms and so on send me to google privacy policy?

Sorry, don’t know what you mean

/e/ like every other Android OS out there is in the end based on AOSP by Google.

Either the App in question is still the unchanged AOSP variant, then a link to Google’s privacy policy might very well still be in there and the policy might even apply.
Or the App was changed compared to the original one already, but this link was overlooked.

Either way … Please give exact directions to where you encounter this link.

thanks foe the answer.
for example whe clicking in thedialer app, going to settings and about and privacy, it takes me to google.