Android Beam - does it work?

Hello! :slight_smile:

There is already a topic since March 2022, but the world has turned around and I can see Android Beam now when sharing stuff. Now, does it work? It sure does not seem so.

Please lend me a hand, so I can share vacation photos with my girl friend in an easy and fast manner.

Thank you!

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linking the topic you refer to - Beam not working (Android10)

I haven’t enough NFC phones lying around to test it… what device OS has your friend, iOS or Android?

If all the phones are Android and share the same Wifi, the options are

  • “Magic Wormhole” clients, there are 1 and 2 on F-Droid
  • Warpinator
  • Snapdrop (via Firefox as it is broken in webview/bromite until /e/ v1.8 is released)

iOS has Snapdrop too, but I had no luck last I remember with Snapdrop in Firefox to Snapdrop App in iPhone in the same Wifi

Android Beam is neat, using nfc for initiation. It looks like it is on the way out. Nearby Share is bound to Gapps, so by default there is only bluetooth file share available

You could try kde connect. It does a lot, like moving files, external input (mouse, keyboard), media control and more, and is free and open source. Works on desktop, android, ios, with devices on same network. Bluetooth pairing.


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yes - I was unaware KDE Connect will do Phone<->Phone easily too, no PC part required. Even has an iOS App so it is a good recommendation cross device too.

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