Beam not working (Android10)


I used (used) Beam to quickly move files/photos from one phone to another. On my Samsung S9 running the e/os (Android 8 version), it was a bit flakey, but on the new e/os (Android 10), I can’t send anything.

Is there another app similar to Beam, is there anyway I can use fast share / nearby sharing on e/os?


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I would recommend KDE Connect:
“Multi-platform app that allows your devices to communicate (e.g., your phone and your computer)”

A very powerful tool beyond file sharing!

Available in both, /e/ App store and fdroid.

Hi Octopus,

Thank you for that, it looks like an amazing app, but not for me. I am not after a web based solution, I am after a more private local, just between device solution.

But thanks again, I know a number of iOS users, who may switch with a useful app like that.

Perhaps there is a missunderstanding but KDE Connect is defenitely not a web based solution. To the contrary it works entirely over the local network.

Thank you for confirming.